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Amil and jay z dating

Jay Z has always seemed like such a loving husband to his wife, Beyonce, and doting father to his daughter, Blue Ivy — so we were completely floored when LIV (pronounced “live”) claimed that Jay Z asked for her number while he was with Bey.Now the former model and rapper is coming forward with more details, saying she and Jay had a “wonderful connection” when they met — but we’re still suspicious.Read on to see what else she has to say, and tell us, do YOU believe her?LIV says she first met Jay Z while shooting a Budweiser commercial in Miami in 2008, not long before Jay and Beyonce tied the knot.

He’s gonna call you when he’s back in town,’” LIV claims. One, that’s really immature to send the bodyguard to get my number. Usually we say where there’s smoke, there’s fire, but this time, we smell a liar!

When Jay Z announced his B-Sides concert in April, it was a chance for Day One Roc-A-Fella records fanatics to relive the diamond’s glory days.

For one night only, the radio-friendly hits would be swapped out for street bangers, obscure verses and deep cuts.

Unlike Murder Inc, who dominated the pop charts and pop radio in the early 2000s with their polished brand of rap power ballads, Roc found their success via the streets — formulating raw tunes with just enough melody to make the mainstream bite.

Not only was the Roc Army a force in the world of music, the brand found success with films such as and their Rocawear clothing line.

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