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"Until we can design better protections, we are temporarily shutting down the under-18 community," founder Christian Wiklund wrote on the company blog.Those with the first crack at tickets will be those signed up to the mailing list on Mc Cartney's website , which fans can do now. The remaining tickets will go on sale May 5 at 10 a.m. The past year, like almost every year since 1964, has seen a bustle of Beatles-related activity.Skout, a smartphone location-based dating app, has temporarily shut down its services for teens amid a series of rape allegations involving its underage users.There's something cockeyed in Ruth Ryon's Hot Property column (April 23) about the Antonio Moreno villa in Silver Lake.

"Coachella Walls," which has no formal connection to the Goldenvoice-produced festival, is billed as an "arts-driven community revitalization project." Its organizers are Coachella-based Date Farmers Art Studios, a.k.a., the artists Armando Lerma and Carlos Ramirez, who grew up in the area and now show their work at Ace Gallery in Los Angeles. 28 editorial, "Science Through a Prism," it was suggested that the radiocarbon dating method can be applied to dinosaurs.Regretfully, this highly effective technique can only be used to date organic (carbon-containing) materials on a routine basis over only the last 40,000-50,000 years.My paleontological colleagues tell me that the last of the dinosaurs apparently disappeared rather quickly following the impact on Earth of an asteroid about 70 million years ago.Other isotopic dating methods--not radiocarbon--are used to assign ages to rocks of the time period of the dinosaurs.

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Paul Mc Cartney will return to Los Angeles with an Aug. A.-area concert since a two-night stand at the Hollywood Bowl in 2010.

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  1. “Like a good, strong, core woman that isn’t necessarily me.” In an interview with Beckinsale echoes this sentiment, and talks about why she doesn’t understand why the public is so shocked about their camaraderie.