B105 brisbane speed dating

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B105 brisbane speed dating

Head out to Caxton Street and you'll find folks enjoying fine film at Palace Barracks or eats and drinks at Libertine instead of stabbing each other in cab queues. Brisbane just isn't the same town it used to be back when City Rowers reigned supreme and folks over 30 had to make do with a pool greatly diminished by those who'd departed OS/interstate.

Those former expats are now settling back into town, driven home by dwindling opportunity, the GFC and (dare I say it) homesickness.

But when you think about Brisbane and think about dating, where do you think you'll have most success?

Traditionally, drinks lead to easy conversation which leads to easy copulation which in turn leads to ... This means our meet-market has evolved around The Embassy, Exchange, the Valley mall and a host of other hot-spots for watering-holes.

"You should never look for love in pubs, clubs or online," said Linda Prescott, matchmaker and director of Brisbane agency Ideal Introductions.

But is there an era of amour-nouveau taking root in this city?

Are we evolving beyond the bar culture and embracing a new world of Latin dance classes, book clubs and other 'leisure' activities vaguely aimed at match-making? Pop down to the Powerhouse on a Sunday for instance, and you'll come across a throng of people not interested in the Normanby yet still interested in each other.

"There are so many places now in Brisbane to find love," Prescott pointed out to me. When it comes to finding love in Brisbane, do you think we have an advantage? We invite you to post comments in a number of areas on the website, including the comments sections of our blogs. As a 30 y/o woman and relative newcomer to Brisbane I have found it extremely difficult to meet someone, especially someone my own age. At the only bars I really frequent - The Bowery, Sky Lounge, perhaps a weekend Powerhouse - I have struggled to meet men who weren't either 22, or edging on 40 and very drunk/sleazy.

"There are also many places to take prospective partners. Are there particular places that are hot for picking up or going out? When using the comments areas, you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions Leave your comment I meet my better half at a rather shady city pub during Friday happy hour. Everyone my age group seem to go out with their girlfriends and other 'taken' friends. ________________ It was interesting what Linda had to say about men of a certain age. It must be very hard for a dating agency to match someone with no interests, no life. I have several friends that have meet their perfect partners with online dating and for those like me who are over 30 and do not really have a hobby, online dating can be fun and can be a great way to get out there and meet new people and maybe the love of your life.

And they're joined by a host of Mexicans, migrants and fresh faces either straight out of uni or a divorce. OR for the groovy hipsters out there who understand what the word Twitter means, you can find me there also...

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