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There are two reasons for this: One is that companies claim they can’t afford to invite partners of employees anymore, particularly after the credit crunch (which never existed in mega-rich Bavaria). I have been to ones in pubs, clubs, bars, the work canteen, you name it.

The second and real reason is that there’s no way Fred in accounts could finally get his dirty way with Jane from Human Resources if his wife was there, could he? At that point I guessed there wasn’t going to be any cocaine or strippers either then. But in all cases everyone gets rip-roaring drunk, women in slutty, ill-fitting dresses dance to bad music and there is plenty to gossip and laugh about the next day.

The second thing that screamed “this is going to be The Worst Christmas Party Ever” is that there were CHILDREN there. When we arrived at the Worst Christmas Party Ever however, there was no music.

A small group of people were stood awkwardly around a table in the boss’ showroom, which had been stylishly turned into a pretty winter wonderland.

From Heidi Klum to some of the country's reality TV stars, Deutschland has an incredible number of sexy exports.

All of those are great, but if there's one thing Germany has graced us with that we really appreciate, it's beautiful women.September marks the beginning of German American Heritage Month.This is a time when we recognize German contributions to American society.That’s right – no traffic light-style disco lights here. Instead they were wearing Jack Wolfskin t-shirts tucked neatly into khaki-style trousers.Check out our countdown of The 50 Hottest German Women and get ready to say "Ich Liebe Dich" with every click.

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The British work Christmas party typically involves two things; alcohol and sexual shenanigans between people who shouldn’t be having them.