Brett micheals who is he dating

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Because Michaels has also released a special version of the ballad sung by his two young daughters, with him accompanying them on guitar.In the kiddie version, the lyrics were sanitized so the estranged lovers were "sitting" together at the end of the night instead of sleeping together.So perhaps he thought he should even out the median age of his duet partners, because he's about to release yet another new version of "Every Rose Has Its Thorn," this time featuring him trading verses with country legend Loretta Lynn, who has a good three decades on him.But wait—maybe we have to lower that median age back down again, come to think of it.In 1987, Michaels and band were touring behind their debut album, , and had a stop in Dallas to play at the Ritz. to talk with his girlfriend."She answered the phone, but she sounded a little odd,” Michaels told magazine.(Michaels frequently refers to the club as a country venue in interviews, explaining that as the rationale for including "cowboys" in the chorus, but actual Texans like to correct him on that, since the Ritz played host to far more hair-metal bands than cowpokes.) Come 3 a.m. “Immediately she gave me that ‘I’m really sleepy’ line, which was not something she would normally say. It broke my heart.”It's worth mentioning that Michaels was a bit of a thorny rose himself in those oversexed days, and there are two sides to every story.

Cyrus, who was then deemed by some to be a little too young to be sharing romantic or sexual chemistry on record.Bret Michaels of Poison is turning the big five-oh... In honor of his 50th birthday on March 15, we take a look back at what he'll be most remembered for the rest of his decades.And no, it's not the most inexplicable reality show of all time, The tune was Poison's lone No.All this historic endurance for a song about a stripper.Not just any stripper, mind you, but the exotic dancer who was the love of Michaels' life for a few years in the mid-'80s, as Poison rose to glory at the peak of MTV's love affair with follicular lacquer.

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And then I heard it – the whispering in the background. Now, a female voice, that I could’ve lived with, you know what I’m saying? His then-girlfriend, Tracy Lewis, gave her version in a VH1 special on Poison, which includes a notable discrepancy."There was infidelity," Lewis said on-camera, tracked down decades later.