China dating site grooms new plan

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China dating site grooms new plan

Chen (not his real name), from the western Chinese city of Chengdu, in Sichuan province – home to the nation’s giant pandas – is one of an increasing number of young mainlanders, both men and women, who earn their living renting themselves out to meet demand for fake grooms or brides, particularly around Chinese Lunar New Year.Now is the time when single people aged in their late 20s or older can expect a grilling from parents and relatives if they return home alone.Charming, funny and diligent, Chen Gang, 31, is the ideal Chinese son-in-law – the kind of man every mainland parent would dream of their daughter marrying. He chats with ease to guests at wedding ceremonies, providing witty remarks to help people warm to him, and is always eager to lend a hand with household chores in front of his in-laws.But he has had practice: he has already been married – and divorced – three times as part of his job.At Renaissance Hong Kong Harbour View Hotel, no two weddings are ever the same. If you invite overseas friends and family members to join your wedding who will stay at our hotel, we can provide a custom web page that is customized for your guests to reserve the room with an easy link.There’s so much to think about: the ceremony, the photographs, the flowers, the banquet; and who will sit next to Auntie? Please contact our wedding specialist for more details.The increase in Chinese turning to marriage rental businesses to solve such a problem underscores the enormous pressure facing most single people that have grown up in modern-day China during the decades of the one-child policy; without brothers and sisters to share their family’s expectations, China’s more highly educated and liberal younger generation are now challenging old traditions – or, through fake marriages – at least delaying their problem.#RHVWedding Although we all go mobile and digital, a nicely printed and proper invitation card cannot be replaced by a message through social media platform.

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