Cons consolidating police agencies

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Advocates refer to increased savings and improved coverage as reasons for combining.

Opponents say that it costs jobs and decreases security.

In Great Britain combined police and fire responsibilities were the norm until World War II.

Public safety consolidation continued for centuries throughout Europe.

Today partial consolidations exist, while fully integrated services remain scarce.

His measure, while not talked about or acted upon at the county commission meeting, expresses the commission’s intent to consolidate the operations of the Topeka Police Department and Shawnee County Sheriff’s Office under county control.

By day the vigiles served as police officers, and at night, when most fires occurred, they functioned as fire-response crews.After six years of service in the vigiles urbani, a freedman was eligible to become a citizen, a highly desirable status that resulted in upward social mobility.Public safety consolidation unites police, fire, and emergency medical services into a single unit.Various types of mergers exist, some involving only two of the three organizations.Consolidated public safety services existed in ancient Rome. E., the Roman emperor shifted firefighting responsibility from bands of slaves called familia publica to a new unit of freedmen known as vigiles or vigiles urbani—city watchmen.

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The army was barred from the city limits, and Rome had no police force, so the vigiles also became law enforcement officers.

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