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Dating bear grizzly bows

And in this article we will do exactly that, look at the differences between these two types of bows, in the hope that you will find it more helpful to choose the better weapon of choice for you.

To begin with, we need to establish some historical facts that will shed light on the mindset behind the design of these weapons.

This has been the reason for a resurgence of traditional archery, a discipline (and for many a hobby) that calls back to the roots of archery.

Traditional archers dream of leaves crinkling under your boots, of the twang of the string and the feeling of raw strength in your hands.

It is a call back to the wisdom, endurance and patience of the archer. And the thrill of the hunt, historically, was often accompanied by the hum of the longbow.

Dating back more than 11,000 years ago, hunting was basically the inventor of archery, which back then wasn’t a sport, but a valuable survival skill.

The name says it all – it is indeed long (sometimes over 6 feet or 1.8m), and resembles a vertically elongated D shape.

An easy answer would be that it depends on your needs and preferences, but in order to be able to decide what works for you, you’ll need to know what you’re looking at.

Much later however, it was replaced by the crossbow, which was in turn made obsolete by the invention of gunpowder.

Today, archery has turned into something different than what was before, with archery athletes brandishing compound, high-tech bows, competing against thousands of others at the Olympics and other competitions.

While modern archery is still a formidable athletic discipline commanding respect in its own right, some feel that it has a certain clinical feel to it.

Once you understand why a certain bow was made a certain way, and for what purpose, you’ll find it easier to figure out if it fits your personal style.

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Or, maybe, you’d like to go for a change and try out something new. A rough line can be drawn between the longbow and the recurve bow – rough because it doesn’t really aim for precision – but still a line because it helps establish some useful distinctions.

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