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Dating in the dark recap 7 27

like 1/1/0), it has been suggested that the year 2000 is an excellent opportunity to change to the standard date notation.ISO 8601 is only specifying numeric notations and does not cover dates and times where words are used in the representation.It is not intended as a replacement for language-dependent worded date notations such as “24.Especially authors of Web pages and software engineers who design user interfaces, file formats, and communication protocols should be familiar with ISO 8601.Contents: Date, time of day, time zone, software hints.2/4/95, 4/2/95, 95/2/4, 4.2.1995, 04-FEB-1995, 4-February-1995, and many more.Especially the first two examples are dangerous, because as both are used quite often in the U. and in Great Britain and both can not be distinguished, it is unclear whether 2/4/95 means 1995-04-02 or 1995-02-04.

The international standard date notation is where YYYY is the year in the usual Gregorian calendar, MM is the month of the year between 01 (January) and 12 (December), and DD is the day of the month between 01 and 31.For example, the fourth day of February in the year 1995 is written in the standard notation as Other commonly used notations are e.g.In addition, these formats have several important advantages for computer usage compared to other traditional date and time notations.The time notation described here is already the de-facto standard in almost all countries and the date notation is becoming increasingly popular.The date notation 2/4/5 has at least six reasonable interpretations (assuming that only the twentieth and twenty-first century are reasonable candidates in our life time).

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Advantages of the ISO 8601 standard date notation compared to other commonly used variants: As dates will look a little bit strange anyway starting with 2000-01-01 (e.g.

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