Dating monopoly game

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Dating monopoly game

The Landlord's Game was designed as a learning tool to teach this theory.

This game was published in 1906 by the Economic Game Company with less than stellar success.

Layman learned The Landlord’s Game/Monopoly while in school and decided to publish it.

He was told by his lawyers that the name Monopoly was in the public domain and therefore could not be trademarked, so he decided to publish the game under the name Finance.

Here she and some friends played the game, changing the names of the properties to local, Atlantic City, street names (some of the spaces were rearranged and some property values were changed). Raiford taught the game to Charles Todd who took it home with him to Germantown, PA.

It was in this year that Lizzie was granted a patent for a board game called The Landlord’s Game.

Electronic Laboratories and then Knapp Electric started publishing Finance in 1932 in Indiana(by 1935 Finance was outselling Monopoly 10 to 1).

Now, Ruth Hoskins was taught the game by Dan Layman and took it with her to Atlantic City.

Elizabeth Magie-Phillips (now married) obtained a new patent on an updated Landlord's Game in 1924.

Key to this story are four people; Dan Layman, Ruth Hoskins, Jesse Raiford, and Charles Todd.

The history of Monopoly begins long before Charles Darrow and Parker Brothers.

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To find the true beginnings we must travel back to 1904 and meet a woman named Elizabeth Magie (pronounced Mc Gee).

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