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Dating of the book of revelation

Present the Power Point® in one setting or as a series of study sessions.

Once loaded onto a computer, the teacher has flexibility as to how the information is presented: Rights and Permissions for Using Rose Publishing Power Point Slides In a Presentation to Be Distributed by Disc, e Mail, or Internet (Any use other than face-to-face instruction.) The Rose Publishing Power Point® presentations are copyrighted.

It is by no means a definitive work that reveals exactly what God wants you to know or glean from the book of Revelation, but it is a good starting point to begin an individual or group study of John's vision.

I received this presentation free in exchange for my honest review.

If the intent of the slideshow was to provide you with a detailed interpretation of the book of Revelation with detailed events, names, and times for our day, then it fell short.

The book of Revelation is an exciting, yet often misunderstood book of the Bible.Christians for centuries have wondered (and disagreed) exactly what it means.Enjoy getting a basic overview of the 4 different interpretations of Revelation (historicist, futurist, idealist, and preterist) and find out how each view explains key end-times topics, such as the seven churches, the 144,000, the millennium, Babylon, 666 (Mark of the Beast), and the new heaven and new earth.Packed with pictures, timelines, and comparison charts, Rose's Pastors and teachers will enjoy the presentation's flexibility.However, if you wish to duplicate the presentation, email it or post it on a web site, you are required to pay an additional fee. The book of Revelation is a hard nut to crack, because of all the historical, spiritual, and symbolic nuances, which is clearly evident by the fact that there are at least four different mainstream views on the book.

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