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Did you ever think you might give up a good friend (or two) when you meet someone special?Did you count on spending more money on clothes, transportation, or flowers? Read on to tally up the not-so-obvious costs involved in the dating, and in the age of the Great Recession, many folks are wincing before they sign on for all the expenses associated with the stereotypical dinner-and-a-movie routine.But beyond the actual cost of the dinner bill, movie tickets or entry fee that gets you into that swank new jazz lounge, we wanted to find out what the intangible expenses that are a bit less obvious.According to a recent poll done by with 2,173 respondents, women said that they spent an average of 2049 GPB (a little over ,000) and went on 24 dates before finding someone they wanted to settle down with.

And how many of your own precious minutes, hours, or even days are you spending looking for Mr. Have you ever been ditched by a good friend when he or she gets involved with a new love interest?

You’re not imagining it; people lose friends when their close comrades enter into new romantic relationships.

According to Professor Robin Dunbar of the University of Oxford, most people have five friends they consider to be part of their “inner circle.” According to the Society of American Florists, the average American spends per year on flowers.

According to the National Retail Federation, men spend an average of 3.37 on gifts for Valentine’s Day, while the average woman spends .72.

The study, which was based on a questionnaire answered by 540 respondents, attributes the shift in friendships to the amount of time that’s required to become invested with each other in building a new romance.

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However, there’s some good news in this equation, too (with the key word here being “new”): according to Professor Dunbar, “as focus wanes — and the relationship requires a less heavy investment of time and energy to make it work (i.e., everything is running smoothly) — then you can rebuild [the number within your inner circle] to five.” There’s no way around it; dating, as a process, takes time.

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