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One day, his two sons, Hunor and Magor went hunting. The stag continuously eluded them and led them to a beautiful and bountiful land.

This vast land was Scythia, where Hunor and Magor eventually settled with their people.

Japanese mythology share a myth of the solar deer motif and more curiously, very similar story behind the deer or stag legend.

Fred Hamori in his The Legend of the Wondrous Stag” writes, “The symbol of the cosmos and the mother of the sun was symbolized as a large horned female doe.

Genetics established an ancient prehistoric East Asian or Northeast Asian connection and affinity between the Koros Culture and Japanese and Korean peoples, via the N9a haplogroup.

The shared mythology of Maeotis and N9a suggest a possible common origin.

While Maeotis is frequently connected with the Sea of Azov in the modern River Don in southern Russia, and thought to be the homeland of Scythians, given the common connection, it may have been a staging land during the journey of migrants from further east, for there is also a Maeoto island on the coast of Japan and a deer deity which is the ancestral deity of a famous and prominent Japanese clan.

According to the Byzantine historian, Procopius: The nation of the Utigurs and Kutigur Huns originate from the twin sons of a Hun king.

The descendants of Hunor’s people were the Huns, and the descendants of Magor’s people were the Magyars.As they grew in strength and numbers, first the Huns, and then the Magyars went on to conquer new lands.The twins separated from their father during the hunting of the Stag.These Huns also had two princes called Mauger and Gorda (Magyar and Hunugur? It is quite possible that these were also related to the Magyars and ruled over them, since the Mauger name of the “Hun” prince could have been derived from the people/nation which he ruled, the Magyars.The great horned doe often was shown carrying the sun in her horns, in some cases the sun itself was symbolized as a stag the son of the doe of the legend.

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The following Christmas song told by the Hungarian regos (bards) illustrate the stag as the carrier of the sun.” Nimrud was the great legendary ruler of ancient Mesopotamia.