Double your dating ebook for

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Double your dating ebook for

Double Your Dating will teach you how to let your inner cynic and frightened wimp diminish from you completely – as well as giving simple tips on how to get a girl’s number in just two minutes.

For keen players who want to date the most intelligent, funny and beautiful women, it is essential you learn what does and doesn’t work.

But on closer inspection, you haven’t approached anyone new in over six months and things are drying up. You are out of practice with women and full of anxiety. This book locks into how to do this simply and stress free.

You look to your friends who are wall-to-wall busy with new girls each week, and wonder how do they do it? Ever wanted to know what to say to a woman on first approach?

If you often worry about running out of things to say, then you needn’t anymore.

De Angelo reveals unmatched amounts of excellent tips that will get you talking yourself into a host of rewarding relationships.

Double Your Dating is a great little ebook for beginner pick up artists.

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The information in this guide will lay the foundations for your endeavours in the future and ensure you never forget the basic skills when looking for dates.