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Emerge config file needs updating

The latest progress and changes related to EAPI/PMS and Portage can often be found in the Gentoo Council meeting logs, which are listed on the Gentoo Council page.The latest PMS specification to be approved by the Gentoo Council is available: eapi-5-approved-2012-09-20.The PMS specification is an attempt to codify the inner workings of Portage, and is authored by Stephen Bennett, Christian Faulhammer, Ciaran Mc Creesh and Ulrich Müller as a Gentoo-hosted project.Portage uses profiles to define settings for various architectures and types of Funtoo/Gentoo systems.These variables are now documented on their own page: Portage Variables.Portage contains support for multiple ABIs (Application Binary Interfaces) co-existing on the same system.Portage's behavior can be controlled by a number of configuration settings other variables that can be defined within the ebuild itself.In addition, a number of these variables are defined for the ebuild automatically by Portage.

Look at Creating_Profiles to learn how to create them and at Funtoo_1.0_Profile to learn about the Funtoo 1.0 profile.

Portage is the official package manager of Funtoo Linux.

Historically, Daniel Robbins has maintained a slightly modified version of Portage, although now many of the features pioneered in this version of Portage has been merged upstream by Zac Medico.

This functionality has been extensively documented and has been moved to its own page: Multiple ABI Support.

Funtoo has recently started using an unmodified upstream Gentoo version of Portage.

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Funtoo's 2.4.1 Portage is equivalent to the upstream 2.2.26 version of Portage -- Funtoo has used different version numbers for historical reasons.

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