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Flirt with no credit cards

Between statements, you can find out which payments have cleared and check your balance by calling your bank or by checking online or at an ATM.

Be sure to find out the actual amount in your account--your account balance not including any funds available to you through "courtesy overdraft-protection," or "bounce coverage," plans. If you do overdraw your account, deposit money into the account as soon as possible to cover the overdraft amount plus any fees and daily charges from your bank.

Cardholders may use their Corporate Cards for Duke related business expenses.

All University and Health System guidelines pertaining to purchases of goods, services, travel, and entertainment apply to purchases made with the Corporate Card.

Your bank (or your savings and loan or credit union) has the choice to either pay the amount or not.

If it pays even though you don’t have the money in your account, you may be charged an "overdraft" fee.

How can you avoid overdraft and bounced-check fees?

Cardholders should treat their Corporate Cards with at least the same level of care and security as they would their own personal credit cards.This training covers the Dos and Don'ts of using the Corporate Card.If your bank returns your check without paying it, you may be charged a "bounced-check," or "nonsufficient funds," fee.And the person or company that you wrote the check to--for example, a store, your landlord, or the phone company--may charge you a "returned-check" fee in addition to the fee your bank charges you.On July 21, 2011, rulewriting authority for consumer protection laws related to mortgages, credit cards, bank accounts and other consumer financial products transferred from the Federal Reserve Board to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

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For information on recent regulatory changes, as well as additional information about shopping for and using consumer financial products, please visit the CFPB's website.

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  1. Your Autoload settings have been updated to charge your account (200 tokens) when your wallet balance falls below 100 tokens. Update your Autoload preferences under Autoload in your Account Settings.