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Free random masturbation cams

After some trial and error i came up with this: CAM, Computer Aided Masturbation.

You can download the software here: The idea is some kind of game. A message is displayed and the ticks sound different. When you complete a level, you are rewarded with a bonus of stroking at a faster rate for a longer time based on the level.

The points game is excellent as it's a real tease when you've held an edge for a random period of time, then have to watch your points fall away as you try and calm down ready to stroke again!

Or you can select a game option: Time limit Stroke goal Score goal Edging goal CAM generates a metronome like sound at a random speed for a random time. In the meantime, you can do other things such as look at pictures or movies. As you back off your edge, your score reduces so you need to hit resume to earn points to toward your high score. If you check the Always On Top box, CAM stays on top and you can move it to a suitable location on your desktop. Haven't had a chance to play with it yet, but I can confirm it's free, virus free, functional and friendly. Honestly, I think you'd get more hits on the thread if you didn't put "for free" in the title.

To me, this is the best idea around for being simple, easily understood, and effective. I do have some suggestions for new features:1) Add a "Random" game mode where CAM(your mistress) decides your fate.(Goals and everything) A more advanced version could use Hiscores and other data to determine the max the player can handle.2) Add stroke intensity.

Some people like to have even less control.(I sometimes do)3) Add more vocal stimulation.

Hello there,i was looking for software that generates random stroke patterns and keeps track of stroke count.

As i didn't find anything i decided to write one myself.

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