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He at once began to draw up something in the nature of a canon. It bears this remarkable title:—‘The Poetical Works of Geoffrey Chaucer. Internally, we observe the great peculiarity of the rhythm.

Stowe indeed, in 1561, added more pieces to the collection, but he suppressed nothing. Later reprints were all edited after the same bewildering fashion. A., in the first volume of the ‘English Poets,’ collected in twenty-one volumes. “qui en son temps visita les Saints lieux de Ierusalem, .

Neither did he himself exercise much principle of selection; see vol. The first person to exercise any discrimination in this matter was Thomas Tyrwhitt, who published a new edition of the Canterbury Tales in five volumes, 8vo., in 1775–8; being the first edition in which some critical care was exercised. In 1810 we find an edition of Chaucer’s Works, by A. In this edition, some sort of attempt was made, for the first time, to separate the spurious from the genuine poems. 32, 33, above) printed twice over, once as being genuine, and once as being spurious3.

He merely printed such things as came to hand, without any attempt at selection or observance of order, or regard to authorship. C., of which there must have been many copies in existence, for we have twelve still extant.

All that we can say is, that he did not knowingly exclude any of the genuine pieces. The mere repetition of this collection, in various reprints, did not confer on it any fresh authority. He even added The Storie of Thebes, which he must have known to be Lydgate’s. ‘To this I may add, from “Les Tombeaux des Chevaliers du noble Ordre de la Toison d’Or,” the exploits recorded on a monument also of a French knight, who lived in Chaucer’s age, and died in 1449, Jean, Seigneur de Roubais, &c.

Skeat’s copious scholarly notes to his edition of The Canterbury Tales make up all of vol. Unless otherwise stated in the Copyright Information section above, this material may be used freely for educational and academic purposes. This has already been considered, at considerable length, in vol. Thynne simply put together such a book as he believed would be generally acceptable; and deliberately inserted poems which he knew to be by other authors.

I propose here to discuss further certain important points of general interest. But it is necessary to say a few words on the whole subject, owing to the extremely erroneous opinions that are so widely prevalent. As a rule, however, the scribes not only omit to mention names, but they frequently omit the very title of the poem, and thus withhold such help as, in many cases, they might easily have afforded. avec plusieurs autres faicts exercice d’armes tant par mer que par terre,” ’ &c.—Todd, Illust. of the Canterbury Tales; some account of the early printed editions; and some explanation of the methods employed in preparing the present edition. Bodley 638, and others) are mere collections of poetry of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, from which nothing can safely be inferred as to the authorship of the poems which they contain, unless the scribe distinctly gives the author’s name1. The mere accident of the inclusion of a given piece in this volume practically tells us nothing, unless it happens to be distinctly marked; though we can, of course, often tell the authorship from some remark made by Chaucer himself, or by others. And the net result is this; that Thynne neither attempted to draw up a list of Chaucer’s genuine works, nor to exclude such works as were not his. Some of these poems bear the name of Lydgate; one has the name of Gower; and another, by Hoccleve, is dated 1402, or two years after Chaucer’s death.

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They were tossed together without much attempt at order; so that even the eleventh poem in the volume is ‘The Floure of Curtesie, made by Ihon lidgate.’ The edition, in fact, is a mere collection of poems by Chaucer, Lydgate, Gower, Hoccleve, Robert Henrysoun, Sir Richard Ros, and various anonymous authors; and the number of poems by other authors almost equals the number of Chaucer’s. et passa les perils mortels de plusieurs batailles arrestées contre les Infidels, c’est a sçavoir en Hongrie et Barbarie, .

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