Gayle king dating fifty cent

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Gayle king dating fifty cent

As for what she really DID say -- Gayle says she was stuttering after saying she was kidding.

Gayle says that's NOT what she said, and if she was she would have said it years ago.

She’s got that ‘Oh, your head is pretty too, thing.’ ” MORE FROM 50 CENT: BEWARE THE BELIEBERS When we inquired if her French journalist husband, Romain Dauriac, was with her, Fiddy smiled and told us, “he was not.” “In Hollywood, husband means ‘my serious boyfriend,’ ” he said. We need a blood test.” And 50’s love for Melissa Mc Carthy is strong. “She made me laugh just being around her during “Spy.” We filmed in Budapest with Jude Law and Jason Statham.” On his comedian ex, Chelsea Handler, he says, “Me and Chelsea are good friends.

[email protected]’s celebrity editor spilled details on who caught his eye at the Golden Globes on Sunday, saying of Scarlett Johansson, “Look, no one cares that you’re married.” Fiddy, who was in the office with us playing boss for the day, said he was struck by “how hot” the “Captain America: Winter Soldier” actress looked at a So Ho House Golden Globes bash, and marveled how people were lined up to tell her how attractive she is.

“I had the luxury of not taking any precautions,” he laughed. Meaning just after a baby, her body snapped right back. Some girls have that long, pretty, beautiful, elegant haircut.

Oh and her a**." After announcing, “we’ve been together 10 minutes now we’re engaged,” the rapper takes things to the next level. ” Thursday the talk show host tweeted, “From the original G-Unit, I now feel so close to you… It's safe to assume these two are joking around - as Gayle tweeted to one of her followers, "That was not flirting that was friendliness!

“So now that we’re married she has created balance for me.

According to Twitter, there’s mutual affection between 50 Cent and Oprah’s BFF.

Jezebel reports the “relationship” seems to have been sparked by 50 Cent’s appearance on OWN’s “The Gayle King Show.” “Ok I finally met a woman that is smart, sexy, sophisticated, classy and secure,” 50 Cent tweeted Wednesday.

So we’re thinking about extending the family,” Fiddy tweeted next, along with a photo of the pair embracing.

50 Cent has got enough love for all the ladies in Hollywood.

“I think I love her.” The rapper’s next message to @gayleking was slightly more sensual: “She’s perfect.

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Her thighs define sexy, her hips are just right, her eyes talk to me. A photo depicting Gayle showing off a bicep tattoo of 50 Cent’s face!