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Ours stands proud in the Cast Gallery – and she is brightly painted in a riot of colour, as the original would have been.

Today, we are accustomed to viewing Greek sculpture as bright white; clean and fresh marble is no doubt what we think of most when we imagine ancient Greek art.

The original Peplos Kore was dedicated to the goddess Athena on the Akropolis in Athens c.530 BCE and now stands in the Akropolis Museum.Robert Cook, made the decision to restore the new cast and to paint it as if its original colours were still preserved.So little paint remains on the original that restoring her appearance was a tricky proposition which required some imagination.But neoclassicists who praised the pure white beauty of bare marble and the noble austerity of ancient architecture were really imposing nineteenth century aesthetics and morality onto ancient Greek art and culture.Recent scientific analysis has suggested that the Peplos Kore's paintwork may have been even more elaborate, even cycling through several different designs.

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But the repainted statue gives visitors a good impression of what ancient Greek sculpture might have originally looked like.

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