Honeymoon dating

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Honeymoon dating

We live in a day where premarital sex is winked at, if not outright encouraged.I know it sounds old-fashioned, but the Bible speaks to the place of sexual purity (1 Corinthians 7:2).Loving her unconditionally is God’s intent revealed in His manual.But God is the electrician as well, and He did the wiring.When you approach your fiancée with a sacrificial and connected heart, there will come a time when it will benefit you as well.God's not here to condemn you, but He does want an honest response from you.PART 4: Waiting While Dating » Michael was undoubtedly excited about his upcoming wedding day, but you could tell from the look in his eye that he was really excited about his wedding night. He and Stacy had been dating for close to two years, and now the excitement and anticipation of sexual intimacy in marriage lay before them.Anticipation was there for sure, but he also had some lingering questions: "After putting on the brakes for so long, what will the accelerator feel like? " "When it comes to sexual intimacy, how similar and different am I from Stacy?

So during premarital counseling, initiate the homework assignments with her and practice some of the relationship skills you're learning. You might view it as a "sexual intimacy" savings account.It may sound like I'm encouraging you to have a self-serving agenda: Show her kindness and consideration before your wedding day so that you will get the sex that you want after you walk down the aisle.Listen carefully; I'm not suggesting that you manipulate her in any way!When we've forged our own way with intercourse or any other bonding sexual behavior, God wants us to acknowledge, repent and turn to Him.If you do that, she'll likely see through it, and you'll end up discouraged and rejected.

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Show interest in your relationship and soon-to-be bride because she's worth it!