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The translation can often be read as: “I’m sorry but how on Earth did you two end up together?

"' exclaims one woman, as her boyfriend shields his eyes with embarrassment. If I was wearing pearls I would have been clutching them, I was a little like "oh my!

"'On the other hand, one couple was insistent that race played no role at all in their relationships, with a boyfriend explaining: 'I grew up in the Bronx so I grew up around Asian, Hispanic, white, it was a melting pot of people.

Every couple, regardless of racial makeup, will hear this question countless times through the duration of their relationship.

But when you are part of an interracial couple, it’s how it’s asked, where it’s asked and whom it’s asked by, that usually sends a signal that this isn’t just another nosy inquiry from your elderly aunt (who wants to make sure you’re not trying that new fangled online dating stuff).

When you’re in a group of relative strangers, such as at a cocktail party, with multiple couples, and someone singles you out and asks with arched eyebrow, “So how did you two meet?

” the implication is usually not one of pure curiosity, but incredulity.

So [my girlfriend's] race really wouldn't be a factor.' 'I think the best part about us working together is that it kind of gives people hope that it doesn't matter where you're from, if people can pronounce it, how tall you are, how dark you are...

But her boyfriend, celebrity chef Brian Lucas, who was there, believes something else was amiss, namely that officers mistook the mixed-race couple for a prostitute and one of her clients.

In a new video by Complex, entitled What Happens When Interracial Couples Get Real About Stereotypes, several interracial couples are asked to share their own assumptions about race, and explain how those opinions have affected their relationships, if at all.

The clip begins with what could be viewed as a disclaimer from one of the couples, with the girlfriend stating: 'I'm interested in saying, that love conquers all, and in the end we are all human, and love's what matters.' The couples doled out their fair share of believed stereotypes, including this Irishman who praised his African American girlfriend for being 'chilled out' before claiming 'a lot of Irish women are very, very high maintenance''When I was young, I loved white girls,' he says with a smile.

According to Lucas, (he is white, Watts is African-American) officers asked him, “How do you know her, what relationship,” he went on.

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“They were questions that quite frankly made me feel like that they were questioning me being like the client of a prostitute.” It’s not the question itself that’s offensive, of course.

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