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"He's my boyfriend, and the fact that I'm not seeing my boyfriend as much as I'd like to is different from what I'm used to," she said, referring to the difficulty of coordinating their busy schedules.

"I would love to see him every day and have him come home to me every night.

In the end, R&B-singer-turned reality-TV star [artist id="1162899"]Ray J[/artist] had a tough decision to make: pick the girl who played hardball and was tagged as a gold digger (Cocktail), the one who came off a bit, well, off (Danger), or go in a more buttoned-own, nitpicky direction (Unique).

On the season finale of VH1's "For the Love of Ray J" on Monday night, Brandy's little bro went for the 26-year-old Sacramento cocktail waitress who came in as Joanna Hernandez but left as Cocktail, and his girlfriend.

Cocktail employed her unique mind-game skills, though, pointing out on her final date that Unique was trying to change Ray.

Oh, and it probably didn't hurt that their date ended with her doing some sexy lingerie dancing on a stripper pole in a shower.

First to go was Danger, who had a panic attack when Ray announced he was visiting each of the women's hometowns.

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A visit to Unique's fam in Cleveland didn't start off well when, on the private jet there, Uni asked Ray to backburner his celebrity persona and just be "Willie" (his real name is Willie Ray Norwood Jr.).

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