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Mark philippoussis dating amanda

For this reason they can be very difficult taskmasters.

Those born on this day do like to have fun, however, and indeed can be entertaining and charming.

During the height of his career, Mark was known for having one of the fastest serves in the game. He has had a minor career in modeling and was featured in the reality television dating show Age of Love.

He was once ranked as the eighth best male player in the world.

Unfortunately, they can sometimes mislead others, whether intentionally or not, for they only give their true affections to a very few people.

Woe to any who mistake November 7 friendliness as a come-on.

Those born on November 7 are usually up for a new adventure.

However, it is not just for kicks as far as they are concerned.

Whether on a modest personal level or on a grand scale, they will bend all of their energies without compromise.In this respect they are life-long students, ever working to improve and, ultimately, to perfect what they do.But though November 7 people are open to experimentation and methods of trial and error, their standards can be very high, and they rarely give their full stamp of approval to an endeavor (whether their work or that of another) unless it has been done absolutely one hundred percent.Particularly women born on this day often draw indelible boundaries around themselves past which it is dangerous to venture.November 7 people are curious about everything around them, particularly when it comes to learning the techniques of their craft or occupation.

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They love to take things apart and put them back together again, to find out how they work, sometimes without having to receive instruction or read a book on the subject.