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Mel Gibson and baby mama Oksana Grigorieva are about to square off in court this morning ...and it's all about their 5-year-old daughter Lucia.Note there are some special cases caused by appeals based on service & DL time.This club-ready official remix is sure to keep you grooving all the way through the night.

TMZ has learned, Mel is about to go to Australia to do a movie and wants to take his daughter with him for the summer.We're told Oksana objects, so they'll be making their respective cases before the family law judge. we've learned Mel is extremely involved in Lucia's life.We're also told there was a dispute over which kindergarten school Lucia would attend and the judge sided with Mel.On the bigger issue of ongoing contention, we're told Mel and Oksana both told the judge they're working on being able to better co-parent.With dark vibes and a deep baseline I wanted to take this remix to the grave and back.

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Rookie Status is lost when during a previous season or seasonsthe player exceeded 130AB, 50IP, or 45 days of service.

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