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Summary tasks are subtotals and subtitles to help organize work.

I have zeroed out the project percentage and re-entered based on subtask completion.

The subtasks contain a mixture of tasks with durations as well as milestones which I've set to 100%.

So I'm not clear on how the summary task bar calculates the overall percent complete for the project.

As a note, I have only provided percent complete for roughly the first 70 lines of a 230 line schedule. If, as is typical in some projects, your workload is front-loaded, then you might well be 71% complete at the midpoint of the total project duration.

The summary %complete is the ratio of the sum of the durations of the completed tasks divided by the sum of all the durations.

TTFNFAQ731-376: Forum Policies I agree that if the bulk of the workload is front-loaded, it may show this, but that's not the case with my project.

I am using MS Project 2007 and am having trouble updating the summary task bar for the project to accurately reflect the percent complete.When I update the individual tasks' percent complete, it does not appear to roll up to the summary task correctly. I don't recall having this problem with the previous version of MS Project.Additionally, I'm not clear on how the percent complete can exceed today's date.If I update the percent complete on all subtasks completed to date, the summary task shows complete through 9/9/08 (91%) which is obviously not accurate since I have a little over 2 months left of tasking.Thanks- The %complete is based on duration and not the work specifically, so you need to ensure that both duration and work are consistent, since the %complete at the subtask level is usually done from the work load.

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TTFNFAQ731-376: Forum Policies I understand % complete is based on duration and the summary should roll up accordingly.

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