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My particular expertise is in isotope analysis as a means of reconstructing past human and animal diets and migrations.

My main research interest is in the range and variety of modern human diets, and how our diets have evolved and changed over time.

Additionally, we work with the BC Coroner’s office applying isotope techniques as a means of identifying human remains from forensic contexts.

My research mainly focusses on exploring how human diets have changed and evolved through time.

Canadian officials refused to comment, citing privacy laws.

My research is in the field of archaeological science, which is the application of methods developed in biology, physics and chemistry to archaeology and anthropology.

My recent research has mainly focused on two key transitions: The expansion of modern humans into Eurasia and the adoption of agriculture in Europe and Asia.

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My groups current research focuses on exploring human dietary adaptations through time, with particular geographical and temporal focus on: The Pacific Northwest South Pacific Europe: Neanderthals and early modern humans and the Mesolithic and Neolithic periods China We are also undertaking a number of strontium isotope projects to explore human mobility in many areas of the world, especially the areas listed above.

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