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Mom cam chat com

For those cats who live on the street and are not friendly, we also offer TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) classes taught by Neighborhood Cats to ensure that fewer kittens are born and grow up homeless around New York City.

Many families living on the street are not so lucky and the homeless cats often have very hard lives.

– a few hours later she brought five little kittens into the world.

She is a very devoted mom and doesn’t let her little fools out of her sight for long. He’s a mama’s boy and prefers to cuddle with Trudie instead of playing with his siblings.

Kitten families are in the kitten terrarium because the kittens are too young to be vaccinated and so can’t be handled yet.

The kittens are lots of fun to watch now that they are stumbling around and learning to walk (although mom gets a little annoyed with all their activity sometimes).

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We will post on our Facebook page when we are ready to accept ideas about new litter names.

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