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So like a superhero, author Rachel Greenwald is coming to her rescue.A gruduate of Harvard Business School in the US, Greenwald has marketed everything from jewelry to bottled water and is using what she learned to help her fellow women snag a man.“ I looked ahead and thought how much more difficult it was to find someone after 35, and decided I was going to start a very organized plan in advance.” Attending an all-women’s college taught her she had to be proactive in meeting men.“ Instinctively, I developed a lot of these tactics in my 20s,” she said, the same tactics she details — and gives marketing terminology to — in her book.

That kind of advice may prompt some to ask, “ For this she went to Harvard? The Denver consultant wrote “ Find a Husband After 35,” which offers what she calls “a simple 15-step program.” Simple, sure. “ In any goal, if you dedicate yourself to something 100 percent, before a lot of other things in your life, your chances are much greater,” said Greenwald, speaking from her home in Denver. Her Web site at more of the same, as well as support groups for women on “ The Program.” Greenwald is hot on the speakers’ circuit, talking at sold-out seminars across the country. “ I’m really passionate about what I do, and I can’t tell you how rewarding it is to have women say to you that they’ve found someone they never thought existed.So you’re over 35, single and want to find a husband — quick.Many a Jewish woman finds herself in this predicament.“ As we talked about improving her appearance, we were talking about packaging.We won the international award for the Best Up & Coming Dating Site 2015 as voted by the public in the global i Date Awards 2015.

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