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Online dating services and chat rooms

Sure, someone could steal your credit card just as easily, but for the most part, the pay-for-use dating sites are a safer bet because you know that folks with paid accounts actually have a real identity behind the mask they share online. In fact, many require a log in name and nothing more, not even email verification to ensure the email address used to connect with is real.

Worst case scenario, you stick with the dating sites that vet their users and guarantee truthful profiles like Unless you've decided to walk into a chat room specifically geared toward singles in your area, looking for someone to date - and frankly, I've found that kind of specificity hard to come by since the turn of the century - you'll be hard pressed to find a space where other singles, with the same intention in mind, congregate in hordes.

Although the program never went past the in-class phase, it did garner a marriage.

And by 1966, Look Magazine stated there was a "computer dating craze" using punch cards and almost 90,000 singles.

Without this groundbreaking software synthesis by insightful students and entrepreneurs, who knows what online dating would look like today?

While anyone could create a fake dating profile, use a program to hide where their internet signal comes from, and scam folks out of a whole host of things, many dating sites require fees just to alleviate these concerns, at least in part.

In a throw-down duel with a colleague of mine, Brandon De Hoyos, the Guide to Instant Messaging here at (see: 5 Reasons Why Chatrooms Are Better Than Dating Sites), I've decided to create a list of why dating sites are infinitely better than chat rooms to meet someone, along with my reasoning as to why.

In a nutshell, I've used both to meet people, and while I had success with the chat room concept of meeting people for a date in the pre-internet days, I've had much more success with online dating sites since.

While many folks believe that chat rooms, or even chat programs - a la Bulletin Board System (BBS) - prior to the internet are the grandfathers of internet dating technology, the truth is that online dating actually started in the late 1950s at Stanford, where a group of math students decided to create a matchmaking program using an IBM 650 for their final project.

In fact, it's a bit of a smorgasbord depending on how large of a community you live in and which dating site(s) you choose, but even the smallest of communities with a smaller-than-average demographic of singles will find a sizable number of people to connect with on most of the larger dating sites.

And thus, I present to you dear readers, my list of why dating sites slay chat rooms when it comes to dating for meeting people.

Think I've missed a crucial idea, concept or debate point, or that I've got it all wrong?

Feel free to add your two cents at the bottom in the comments section.

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If older, and therefore, wiser minds prevail in the thick of things, you'd think that the same would apply to the internet.