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The original email said the sender wanted you to click on a funny picture hosted at Snappy Pants, if that helps.After clicking on the email link my parents computer started popping up Security Alert messages.Thanks in advance for all your help and for volunteering to help so many people!I usually disinfect my own computers and even do it for others, but this one has me stumped.

There were constant Security Alert messages that would prevent them from going to security based websites (MBAM, Spybot SD, SAS, HJT, etc) and downloading files.It told them there was a virus and they were being attacked by a certain IP address.It also said they only had the free version of Microsoft Security Center (or Essentials) and to kill the virus they needed to pay for an upgrade to the full version.I have reset the IE settings and even put the sites on as trusted, to no avail. It changes the name from to _exe and thus no extension - so no file association telling Vista which program to use for the application. I went to Kasperskys site to download their virus removal tools and as soon as the download was complete, the file just disappears.I scanned the pc with many of the tools you use regularly on this site and only came up with one registry value that was doing something with files.

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I cant remember if it was MBAM, SAS, or Spybot, but after the program tried to fix the registry error, no exes would work. Now, it is not giving the you have a virus and need to upgrade message, but it is still giving the Security Alert, your security settings are preventing you from messages.

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