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OK, first off it is a system that allows you to observe any woman and quickly and easily determine which of 8 different kinds of women you are looking at.

This is done, by answering 3 simple questions and it will be like you are able to read her mind.

Even though there is a lot of hype, it actually is not a scam and is based upon scientific research into how women’s minds work.

It is an amazing system that allows you to quickly determine which kind of woman any female is by simply determining three things about her. The ultimate strategy guide which is included gives step by step examples of what you should be doing or saying when you are attracting each of the eight types of women. The program allowed me to finally understand why I was having some success with some women, and having no success with other women, when I was doing the exact same thing. I needed to change my techniques, depending on the different women I was trying to attract. I just said there is a lot of hype and I think the product backs up these claims, but you have to understand that the product is not some magic pill that will instantly make women attracted to you.

Her “Sex Line” – this will enable you to know her views on sex and what a guy can do to turn her on.

Her “Relationship Line” – this will tell you what she seeks in a guy for a relationship.

To start you’ll need to identify her 3 main traits (also know as her conflicts), by answering 3 simple questions about her and how she acts.

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