Radioactive dating problems and answers

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Radioactive dating problems and answers

But it is a serious problem when geologists say that they can measure the ages of these rocks by reliable methods, and that these ages turn out to be in the millions and billions of years range.So I believe that this question of radiometric, or isotopic dating, is one of the most important questions in the creation-evolution controversy, and one which Christians have to respond to.In fact, I believe that the evidence does not permit the long ages given by radiometric dates, so there must be a problem with them somewhere, even on scientific grounds.The geological column has too little erosion to allow for such long time periods.You see, the theory of evolution has so many problems that most people find evolution hard to accept, and I don't think many people are led to question their faith because of it.It just doesn't seem reasonable that life could develop on its own by chance, and the evidence that this actually happened is missing.

This teaching of long ages for life on earth has led some Christians to question and even abandon their belief in the Bible, since a literal reading of Scripture is not consistent with the belief that life has existed on earth for millions of years.According to the Bible, the creation week lasted seven literal days and occurred a few thousand years ago.However, many Christians today accept the teaching of science that life has existed on earth for millions, even billions, of years.It's also not a problem that geologists say that the sedimentary layers of rock took millions of years to form, since there are many evidences that the great geological formations on earth were formed rapidly and catastropically, as in the Biblical flood or subsequent catastrophic events.For example, there is too little erosion between the geological layers for them to have taken millions of years to form.

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Also, there is too little sediment on the sea floor for the oceans to have existed for hundreds of millions of years, and the continents would have worn away many times in this time period at current rates of erosion.