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Random sex webchat

And I am STILL bleeding Im very depressed as I HAD a very active sex life now I have nothing.

I'm thinking of changing my contreception to something eles maybe back to the patch as that worked great.

This one kinda throws your hormones really out of whack.

hey my name is Melissa and I'm 17, I had my first depo injection some time in Feb earlier this year.

Hi all Had first Depo injection about 2 months ago after having 2nd baby 5 months ago. I was kind of hoping I wouldn't get any bleeding :0( Any advice from ladies out there?

I bled constantly, produced milk, had very bad depression and i was just so unhappy!

Felt much better knowing it wasnt all me and it was that stupid injection!!! I had a baby when i was 17,went onto the depro,bled continuously,came off of it and then was diagnosed with PCOS which they think was caused by the Depro.

I would look for an alternative contraception if you can.

Seems nothing suits me that's hormone based Mighyt look into other options - celibacy seems a good one!

Mind you with 2 children under 2, don't get much chance for sex I had this problem.

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But I'm just wondering how long did It take your body to go back to normal once you came off the Depo.

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