Robert de niro and angela bassett dating

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Robert de niro and angela bassett dating

The Score seems to start off slow for some, but the film's speed is important for the movie.It shows how De Niro's character lives his life and his life is essential to the plot.In The Score there is plenty of suspense but very little violence. Except for lots of swear words, this is clearly PG-13, and provides a strong lesson in how to craft an action movie without a lot of explosions and gunfights.

"One more" is what he has been saying for years, but this time he means it and will do whatever it takes to make sure nothing goes wrong.Edward Norton's character gives Bob the most grief because he isn't sure if Norton will fly straight.Norton's performance is doubly magnificent and anyone who hasn't seen this actor in action is missing out big time.Brando delivers about 5 scenes that are right on key and provides some comic relief that fits nicely.He - like Norton and De Niro - always grabs your attention regardless of the role, too.

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Set in Canada, there were great shots of Montreal in this film, and a sharp DVD picture to show off the city.