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)They’ll be in great shape – as you know, being fit is essential to anyone in the forces.

Dating someone in the Navy means you’ll be dating someone with a fantastic figure!

They’ll be good listeners – because they spend long periods of time with other people in small spaces, an important aspect of being in the Navy is the ability to communicate well.

When you’re in the armed forces, dating can be a daunting prospect for you as you contend with your date never having dated a military professional before, your awkward working pattern, and a whole host of other concerns that sometimes have to take precedence over your Friday night together.

However, just like any other job in the forces, dating someone in the Navy has its fair share of complexities, such as long periods offshore, limited communication ability and varied shift patterns. At Uniform Dating, we’ve put together a guide to “the Navy date” and how to do it properly, so you’re not lost at sea when dating a sailor.

There’s plenty of reasons why you’d want to date a sailor, because whether they’re a Marine or in another branch of the Navy, you’ll definitely never run out of things to talk about (and they look great, too!

But no matter your role, that shouldn’t stop you from finding love with the right person!

We’ve all heard the advice: don’t talk politics on a fist date, because politics and dating don’t mix.

If you admire a man or woman in uniform then you won’t be disappointed with the Navy dress code.Dating a sailor has been the subject of romantic daydreams for hundreds of years, and it’s easy to see why.People in the Navy have that special air of mystery that comes from travelling around the world by boat, and of course they’re doing a very important and brave job so they’re often considered to be heroes.But it’s election season, and chances are the subject of politics will come up. Casually avoid the topic, or make a joke to distract your date?[Read More…] Do you feel unlucky in love, or that drama always follows you?

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If you see negative patterns emerging in your relationships, you're not alone.

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