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She’s now been getting flirty with Alexis Ohanian, 32, best known as one of the co-founders of “the front page of the internet”. Another insider tells the mag that Serena’s relationship with Drake was just a “flirty friendship”, and Serena’s way more smitten with Alexis — she even brought him to her workout at the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics on Oct. “He called her babe and they held hands,” a witness says. Well, he’s a 32-year-old, Brooklyn-based internet entrepreneur, activist and investor with a net worth of millon.A new report has all the info on Serena and her new beau! The mag also reveals that Alexis “said he’d never been into tennis until they started dating”! He started in 2005 with his friend Steve Huffman, and the site was acquired by Conde Nast in 2006.Ohanian and Williams began dating in October 2015, but are not often in the limelight together.

In fact, he is actually the co-founder of one of the most popular websites online - Reddit.He founded the site in 2005 with Steve Huffman and, according to Hollywood Life, he left the site just two years later before returning to be a part of the company full-time again in 2015.When Ohanian left Reddit in 2007, he became involved with a company called Breadpig, which dealt with proceeds for charities.As part of the company, his titled was "Chief Swine Defender." When it comes to Williams' net worth, her fortune is measured by Forbes as 0 million.Alexis has given TED talks and is considered the “Mayor of the Internet”. Looks like she’s totally over Drake, and we’ve learned that the report that Serena is expecting a child — Drake’s child, to be specific — is not true.

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As we previously told you, Drake was a bit of a player anyway: “He is [not] committed to only her, and enjoys the variety life brings in the women department,” a source told Hollywood EXCLUSIVELY.

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