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Sexxy chat xxxno

According to scripture, death (and by implication a carnivorous world) only entered through man's sin and so could not have existed prior to this.The chronological information in Genesis has been verified repeatedlyand so Bible genealogies and the statements of Jesus imply a 'Young Earth' See also Young Earth dating theory and Old Earth dating theory There are strong biblical arguments to support the scientifically based theory of a Young Earth - an earth less than 10,000 years old!Traveling, skiing, sailing, running, cycling, hiking, good restaurants, cooking, movies, music, modern art, photography, philosophy, novels, biographies, history, technology, investments, Go, Backgammon, Chess I am an earth citizen who has travelled quite a bit and lived, studied and worked in 8 different countries so far.Theology itself, on a straight reading, does not support the evolutionist claims of an Old Earth - an earth some 4.6 billion years old.If we can establish Adam as a real man, then the biblical genealogies may give a good idea of the age of the earth.In short, online dating allows you to interact with people you might never meet in real life.If the person you are sending a gift is unable or unwilling to do so, it could be an indication of a scam - or from the service or the part of the person.

A literal interpretation of Genesis suggests that all living land creatures, including man, were created as herbivores rather than carnivores (Gen 1.29,30).

So when, and through whom did this 'Fall' to mortality occur?

And it is interesting to note that a 'herbivore existence' and the emphasis on 'no harm' re-appears during the Millennium, when the lion eats straw rather than kills for food (Isa 65.25).

So Tennyson's phrase 'nature red in tooth and claw' does not appear to be God's ideal and certainly did not exist in God's 'very good' creation (Gen 1.31) - which included man.

If you are just into Vogue and shopping we are probably not meant for each other...

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I also like the idea of working or having some kind of business together...:-) I currently live in Sofia, Bulgaria and Frankfurt, Germany and I travel a lot in general...

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