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We went out for dinner and spent an amazing night together, before he had to fly home to his life on the East Coast.

Flash-forward to few weeks later, when we were on Skype, saying and doing things we’d only done in person.

If you break those plans your partner can feel like you’re rejecting her or his advances.” 2.

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Follow @Canoe Lifestyle Last year, I met a smart, handsome man while he was visiting my city on a business trip.

Set a date for your phone or Skype chat and stick to it.

As Mc Kay suggests, “Don’t break Skype sex dates; treat them as you would dinner plans.

While sex via video stream isn’t anything like the real thing, it actually has its own benefits.

You feel like you’re a webcam girl with an audience of one - and how hot is that? Mc Kay provides some expert tips on how to get the most out of your phone or Skype session. Set a date and keep it Keeping things sexy long-distance requires commitment and consistency.

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