Stolen webcam footage

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Stolen webcam footage

Webcam blackmail is a crime where an online attacker lures victims into taking off their clothes on camera and, usually secretly, allowing them to record a video.

The attacker will then make a threat to make the video public unless money is paid.

The attacker can use pre recorded webcam footage to disguise their identity while appearing to be genuinely engaged in conversation; "to appear legitimate." Some romance scammers have been known to threaten people with the exposure of photos or videos obtained once they realize the victim is no longer cooperative.

An attacker can upload a private video of the victim to video services like You Tube, then use it to extort them further by threatening to make it public or direct it to the victims family or friends.

Sometimes threats to make false allegations of paedophilia against the victim are made as well.

staff has put together a Top 10 list on how to prevent this tragedy from happening to someone you know and love.We have also put together a on what to do if you find yourself in this situation.In the age of powerful internet search engines and social networking it is too easy for anyone (husband, boss, clients, co-workers, parents etc.) to connect your name to recently published, intimate pictures or videos that have been uploaded onto the internet.While we cannot stop what has already happened we want to stop this tragic situation from happening to you, your family or friends.Shockingly, in most cases, these very intimate, personal pictures or videos were found online by family, friends or even coworkers.

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