Teacher student dating movie

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Teacher student dating movie

Put simply, professors can no longer date their students.Or, to be more exact, teachers can no longer date students in their classes, or students for whom they "should reasonably expect" in the future to have academic responsibility." says Gayle Binion, a professor of political science at the University of California at Santa Barbara and the chair of the academic senate when it developed and approved the new rule.

That goes for deans, too, or anyone else in a supervisory role.

For some, it's a rule that seems like a no-brainer, an articulation of what should already be basic professional conduct.

In the past decade, schools such as Yale, Duke, Ohio Wesleyan, and the College of William & Mary have enacted similar bans, some stricter, some more lenient.

The majority of universities may have no official policy at all, but more are moving from vague statements "discouraging" faculty-student relationships to specific bans."I always say the real story is, what took us so long?

Others see it as protectionism - a throwback to an "in loco parentis" version of the university that doesn't account for the myriad complexities of individual relationships and that could, more widely, put a damper on even nonsexual friendships between faculty and students.

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Either way, it highlights some questions about the ethics of relationships, especially when they involve a difference in authority, and who has a right to govern those relationships.

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  1. When possible the teacher will be placed in an assignment they are credentialed to teach and then returned to the prior position at the end of their original approved leave.