Texas dating volcano hawaii

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Texas dating volcano hawaii

If the hot-spot theory is correct, the next volcano in the Hawaiian chain should form east or south of the Island of Hawai'i.

Abundant evidence indicates that such a new volcano exists at L'ihi, a seamount (or submarine peak) located about 20 miles off the south coast.

Pillow-lava fragments dredged from L'ihi have fresh glassy crusts, indicative of their recent formation.

The exact ages of the sampled L'ihi flows are not yet known, but certainly some cannot be more than a few hundred years old.

In fact, since 1959 the HVO seismic network has recorded large earthquake swarms at L'ihi during 1971-1972, 1975, 1984-1985, 1990-1991, and 1996, suggesting major submarine eruptions or magma intrusions into the upper part of L'ihi.

The July-August 1996 swarm was by far the most energetic seismic activity at L'ihi recorded to date, involving more than 4,200 earthquakes.

Ninety-five of these earthquakes had magnitudes of 4.0 or larger, and three of these were felt onshore by residents of Hawai'i's Ka' District.

The intense 1996 earthquake activity at L'ihi launched two "rapid-response" expeditions in August-September by University of Hawai'i scientists to conduct onsite observations of the activity.

Photographs taken by deep-sea cameras show that L'ihi's summit area has fresh-appearing, coherent pillow-lava flows and talus blocks.

Within this new crater, several new hydrothermal vents were observed, issuing the hottest waters ever measured at L'ihi (about 390F).

L'ihi rises 10,100 feet above the ocean floor to within 3,100 feet of the water surface.

Recent detailed mapping shows L'ihi to be similar in form to Klauea and Mauna Loa.

This included surface-ship bathymetric surveys and a series of manned-submersible dives to make closeup observations and collect lava samples.

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These rapid-response and followup studies indicated that part of L'ihi's summit had collapsed to form a new pit crater (called Pele's Pit), about 1,800 feet across and 900 feet deep.

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