Trinidad and tobago dating culture

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Trinidad and tobago dating culture

Bridgens became the Superintendent of Public Works in Port of Spain and was responsible for the design of the first Government Offices on the site now occupied by the Red House. Michel-Jean Cazabon (b.1813 d.1888) was the son of Martiniquan parents who settled in Trinidad in the late eighteenth century and were part of the Free Coloured/Free Black society of the Naparimas around San Fernando.Cazabon was educated first in England and then in Paris where he studied art.On his return to Trinidad he transposed his European techniques and philosophy into unique views of Trinidad.Without Cazabon's images, we would have little idea how Trinidad looked in the 18th century.(See Strabon-Caraibes, Trinidad and Tobago - Pre Columbian).Nineteenth Century Richard (Hicks) Bridgens (b.1785 d.According to family legend Cazabon was a student of Delaroche (b.1797 d.1856).

This bottle links the Erin settlement in South Oropouche, Trinidad, to the settlement of Los Barrancos of the Lower Orinico, Venezuela.In addition to his landscape watercolours he executed portraits of the plantocracy and the various facets of Trinidad's social life.Gudin was a marine painter and it is likely that Cazabon learnt printing from Morel-Fatio.A student in Paris from the late 1830's to about 1850, Cazabon followed closely the philosophy of the French Landscape Movement.1846) was a sculptor, designer and architect, he attempted to set up an architectural practice in Birmingham in 1819 which he closed in 1825 when he moved to Trinidad where his wife had inherited a sugar plantation.

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In 1836 he printed Bridgens' work is an early record of life in Trinidad.