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True stories of teen dating violenc

“CRUSHED” reveals how silence, power, and control are dynamics that can permeate relationships even when the partners do not live together, how such relationships can affect everything from self-esteem to friendships to school performance, and how parents and guardians rarely know how to talk about the distinction between healthy and abusive relationships.

All “CRUSHED” stories are available at and full descriptions are below. ” a first-person audio diary spanning two years that documents Rainy's process of separating, reuniting, and separating again from her older, abusive boyfriend, will air nationally on the acclaimed public radio show and top I-tunes podcast “This American Life,” over the weekend of September 19 and 20.

One in ten teenagers report experiencing violence in their romantic relationships in the last year, and one in three say that they have been verbally, emotionally, sexually or physically abused by a dating partner.

Beginning today, Radio Rookies, WNYC’s Peabody Award-winning youth media program, presents “CRUSHED: Teens and Dating Violence,” audio stories that give rare and intimate insight into this largely unknown phenomenon by three young women who have been profoundly affected by abusive relationships.

(September 17, 2015 — New York, NY) — Glowing prom pictures, silly memes, and flattering selfies fill the social media feeds of most teenagers.

But what these carefully curated social personas belie is that in the real world, young women between the ages of 16-24 are more likely to suffer violence in a relationship than any other demographic in the country.

As the piece progressed, she got back together with him, and quickly disappeared.

But on the rare occasions she went to school, Rainy kept recording the diary of her experience, as confused as anyone as to why she felt compelled to stay.

“We Just Don't Talk: One Family's Silence About Dating Abuse “ Figuring out how to help someone in an abusive relationship can be scary and, at times, even frustrating.


” On Rainy’s high school ID card, she has a black eye. At first he was sweet: he didn’t try to kiss her on their first date. Tony became verbally abusive, Rainy stopped going to school, stopped spending time with her friends and her mom.

Mari Santos’s older sister Alison always went out with the same type of guys: controlling, possessive and self-centered.

When her guidance counselor inquired, Rainy told her "it's a long story, you'll get to know me." “Why Do I Stay? By the time Tony became physically abusive, Rainy was isolated from everyone who could have helped her.

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Rainy started reporting her story in 2013, when she and Tony had been broken up for 5 months.

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