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Turing Robotic Industries stated that the pre-ordering of the Dark Wyvern Glaedr starts on the 24th of September, and will last for only 30 days.As of today, the Xiaomi Mi4c is expected to launch on the 22nd of September, according to a report from Giz China.For the specs and other details of the device, please hop on over to Droid Report’s “Leaked: The Xiaomi Mi4c” feature: *** Turing Robotic Industries’ Dark Wyvern Glaedr: As promised, Turing Robotic Industries unveiled more information regarding its release of the Dark Wyvern Glaedr on the 9th of September, coinciding with the Apple Special Event on the same date.True to their word, the company dropped more information on the extra-premium model.

Liquidmorphium is said to be spacecraft-grade in strength, so on a phone, the device may well be indestructible.According to the latest announcement on the phone, the Dark Wyvern Glaedr will have handcrafted elements on the phone, and special accessories, as well as a special case made for it.Previously, the company only released information on the Dark Wyvern, its premium model, and the Series I phones, which include the Beowulf, the Pharaoh, and the Cardinal. Don't waste your time dating when you can cut straight to the chase.An upcoming model for the Series I line was also mentioned, the Black Dragon, but the Turing Robotic Industries Facebook Page seems focused on the Series II line, which include the two Dark Wyvern models.

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