Updating bios file not found

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Updating bios file not found

Download live Live Update from the Utility tab, and then install it. Double click Live Update Icon in your desktop, and run a scan to view you system information.

from the MSI website, placing the file on a USB thumbdrive and executing the . ” This is the second time I’ve used a manufacturer’s tool to update a motherboard’s BIOS only to have it fail. I tried removing everything else from the thumbdrive and rebooting… It dawned on me that the BIOS was likely unable to read the NTFS file system the thumbdrive was using.

Fortunately, I have some tricks to avoid them, for example if bios can not find the network port, the only thing I need to do is to close the computer and touch the ground panel of the board, then it will be fine. I need to update msi bois, even if there is no any new functions or repair.

If you are not familar with BIOS, please do not update it or use the Liveupdate from msi. Select M-Flash in the Left side Notes: There is a *file in the BIOS zip package, it is for DOS mode update, For example (update command, just a sample for my 7817): C:17v A6\AFUDE238 E7817IMS.

First I down liveupdate from the msi official website. A60, if you arent familar with command prompt, do not try that *file.

Click this link to download MSI Live update directly: But I recommend you to go to MSI website to download liveupdate from the product pages: b.

Select your motherboard type from the expanding menu, screenshot like this: c. Select your motherboard type from the expanding menu.

I use msi motherboard for the first time, but there are so many small problems with it.

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eg, Network abnormal, Sound abnormal, USB mouse abnormal, ...

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