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Validating testing ecommerce platform

In many cases, the cart platform maintains control over the entire checkout flow and merchants can’t intervene.

For retailers who have a proprietary cart or access to their checkout flow, let’s take a look at how inline validation should be implemented from a technical perspective.

The problem with conventional checkout forms is that they wait until after a customer has tried to submit to validate the form for mistakes.

You know the story; you spend 10 minutes filling out a checkout form, hit submit, and get back a page that is completely blank because of an error.

In a test he conducted with usability firm Etre, he found real-time validation caused: · 22% increase in success rates · 22% decrease in errors made · 31% increase in satisfaction rating · 42% decrease in completion times In addition to his research, Luke also attests to the fact that he has seen real-time validation reduce errors by over 80% in other studies.

The end result is getting more customers through your checkout forms, faster and happier. The downside of this for a lot of small to medium sized retailers is that they are at the mercy of what their ecommerce platform offers.

Technical Implementation Every checkout form has fields that need to be validated for accuracy on the client-side (in the browser), as well as fields that need to be validated server-side.

The ideal situation is that every field on your checkout form is validated both ways.

It’s frustrating for customers and undoubtedly causes a decrease in conversion.

Inline validation can dramatically improve your checkout experience and lower your cart abandonment rate.

Inline validation is an opportunity for merchants to provide a fundamentally better checkout experience for their customers.

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