When your friend is dating a loser Newteen camsporn

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When your friend is dating a loser

But the fact is, we make just as many crap decisions with regards to relationships when we get older.The only difference is, when we get older, those crap decisions tend to stick, and everything gets a bit more permanent."You guys are just meant to be " "he’s the one, I can just feel it", "you’re just such a perfect fit". You even have to say this if you think they’re the most unlikely couple since Liz Hurley and Shane Warne, and even if you hate him so much you spent the first 18 months of their relationship walking out of the room every time his name was mentioned.I suspect, on a level, you will always slightly hate your absolute closest friend’s significant other.Just five years ago, the news that a friend was about to embark on a bad-idea relationship with an utter prat would have been cause for exasperation, rather than concern.I might have rolled my eyes a few times and then left them to get on with it, safe in the knowledge she’d emerge into the light, blinking, in eight months time, contrite and full of remorse, blocking him on Facebook with one hand while downing a conciliatory shot of tequila with the other.No matter how awful he is, no matter how many times he’s an obnoxious drunk, or how many times you see him grab her sister’s arse, or how many times she mentions, in a small voice, that he’s been working late a lot with some bird called Claire, you can’t criticise him.

Your twenties are when you date the losers and the cheater and the weirdos, so you can learn to avoid them when you’re in your thirties.

And if she doesn’t say anything, it will be for one of two reasons.

And once you’ve announced that your bad-idea relationship is forever, no one’s allowed to say anything.

When a couple get married, you have to spend the entire run up to the wedding, the wedding itself and a good month after the honeymoon banging on about what a wonderful couple they make.

But there’s a big difference between silently resenting him even though you know he’s a fundamentally good bloke who has your friend’s best interests at heart, and absolutely hating his guts because you know he’s a feckless idiot who is nowhere near good enough for your beloved friend.

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And in a way, you hate your friend even more than you hate him, because the entire relationship is a damning indictment for how little she values herself. Made more so by the fact that you can’t say anything until she does.

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