Who is guy garvey dating

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Who is guy garvey dating

For the 2012 Olympics, they wrote the BBC theme tune and performed at the closing ceremony.At a time when album sales have been on the slide, Elbow have gone from a band that would sell 150,000 copies of an album if they were lucky to one that can sell a million.Garvey isn't skinny, or slinky, or snaky, or silly.He doesn't have a swagger, or trash hotel rooms, or wear sunglasses indoors.He doesn't collect classic cars or even have a driving licence.

His only apparent vice, apart from his roll-ups, is a fondness for a pint. How many rock-star attributes can a person be missing and still make it as a rock star? For one thing, this is a rock star speaking; a taste for nicotine, or even something stronger, is part of the job description, so it is unduly polite of him to ask. At times, the career of Guy Garvey looks like an experiment by a mischievous deity.They have something else, something beyond the reach of spreadsheets: their songs have a way of becoming part of your life.He likes birdwatching, collects old radios and has a radio show himself, tucked away on BBC 6 Music, the station for the pop fan who is too mature for Radio 1 and not mature enough for Radio 2.

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