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There are a ton of stars who met on the set of their TV shows (EX: Disney Channel duos, like Bella Thorne & Zendaya) and became instant BFFs, but those aren’t the famous pairs we’re talking about.Yes, there are some celebrity pairs that were even in each other’s weddings, but this time we’re taking it , which her real-life BFF, Claire was already a big star on.In fact during an interview with Seth Meyers, Paul explained that he was 21 years old when he met Adam who was only 18 years old at the time. The two were also really good friends with have been friends for a long time.Before they landed their roles on the ABC series, where Jennifer plays Emma Swan and Ginnifer plays her mother, Snow White, they considered each other one of their closest friends.Lea played the lead Rachel Barry on the series while Jonathan joined during the middle of season one as Jesse St. The pair has remained friends throughout their careers and share everything with one another.

Celebrity best friends are the greatest kinds of friends.

Okay, your friends are probably the best friends ever, but you have to admit cele BFFs make you smile whenever you see them out and about together.

J.’s friendship and past relationship with Mindy Kaling. Seriously, these two have known each other FOREVER!

They played little league together and went to Newton South High School in Massachusetts together before becoming the hilarious characters of Jim and Ryan on the NBC comedy..

Ginnifer once revealed that while they were young in the acting world people confused them all the time based on their names and therefore they actually did interviews as one another, which is so funny.

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has been responsible for a few friendships, including B. however, go back way further that starring on their TV show together.